Worst dating cities 2016

"The reason NYC did not rank high is because of dating economics," said Gonzalez.

"While there are more opportunities to date in NYC than in almost any other city, restaurants, beer and wine, taxi fares, and other date [activities] were so expensive.

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You may be looking for love in all the wrong places — literally.In a British study, “active” commuters were 13 percent less likely to report being under constant strain.If your job is too far for walking or biking, try putting your meetings in motion: People in a 2014 Stanford study improved creativity by more than 60 percent while walking than while sitting down.But Gonzalez pointed out that Orlando "wins out when it comes to costs."The worst cities for singles — which include Greensboro, North Carolina, at number one; followed by Fontana, California; and Laredo, Texas — share one very unromantic quality: They're all pretty suburban.Snore."In these more suburban communities, there are not a lot of singles.

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And while San Francisco is just [as costly], San Francisco has more single people, which made the biggest difference."Still, Gonzalez, a former New Yorker, was surprised that the Big Apple didn't make the top ten."I also expected to see more college cities like Tempe, Arizona, make the Top 10, given the sheer amount of singles there," added Gonzalez.

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