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What’s interesting about the October Man Sequence is that it was originated from Fractionation, a remarkable Mind Control technique which is famed for making women fall in love in as little as ten minutes. And as any Mind Control seducer knows, when a woman gets irrational, then she’s vulnerable to getting manipulated!This means that if you can make a woman jealous, you’ll be able to manipulate her and put her under your thumb. Since jealousy can bring about very strong feelings in women, a lot of people might advise you to steer clear of it altogether. This means that you have to make the woman that you like a little jealous and wait for her to compete with the rest of the women that you are showering your attention on before making your next move.If you want to know how to manipulate a woman’s emotions and “brute-force” her to love you, then using Fractionation is the way for you to reach that goal.We here at are disciples of Derek Rake’s style of seduction; we reckon that his Fractionation technique will stand the test of time as perhaps one of the best seduction technique ever to be invented in terms of effectiveness and ease of use.Learn the technique, and then go kick some major butt!She won’t stand a freakin’ snowball’s chance in Lucifer’s hell, I tell ya.

I’ve summarized the technique in this short video – Kinda nifty, isn’t it?First exposed to the outside world by Neil Strauss of The Game fame, the October Man Sequence is perhaps the endgame as far as mind manipulation goes.It’s pretty advanced (up there with the Black Rose Sequence inside the Shogun Method by Derek Rake), and so I won’t necessarily recommend it, especially to newbies. For an online repository of the October Man Sequence, go to Page 6 of the Action Checklist (which you can download .Days after reporting the crime, Seweid went missing, sparking a missing person's appeal and another large police effort.Sources say she made up the elaborate story to cover up for the fact she had been out drinking late with friends.

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The 18-year-old claimed she was singled out by the hate-spewing Trump supporters on December 1 who branded her a 'terrorist' and tried to rip off her hijab when she boarded a subway on her way home from college.

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  2. Eine im Jahr 2006 durchgeführte Studie an Minderjährigen in den Niederlanden ergab, dass 75 Prozent der Mädchen und 80 Prozent der Jungen sexuelle Erlebnisse im Internet hatten.