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I can talk to anyone of any age or gender with total confidence. Every weekend in my first term we seemed to go camping – we all had to build campfires and make food.

The boys I grew up with are still like brothers to me.

Among the old boys of this 170-year-old school, founded for the sons of the clergy, can be found the expected botanists, bishops and back-bench MPs.

You employed a different vocabulary for their benefit, almost a different tone of voice.But see also, Samantha Cameron, “wife of” the Prime Minister. If Eton is often referred to – sometimes critically – as alma mater of our leading politicians and power brokers, it seems that in Marlborough College, there exists a second, potentially just as influential, seed bed: one which grows alpha consorts.Remarkable, isn’t it, that one country boarding school – which turns out only 80 girls a year from its sixth form – should have educated so many pillow-talkers to the great and good?Later, working in the City after university, the experience helped me understand men and their behaviour better.” A recent Malburian, Thomas, tells me he is not at all surprised so many alumnae do well.“Given that public schools can be viewed as an elitist male club, for the Marlborough girls being inside this club helps them understand this type of man, making them more desirable and better potential partners.” A female ex-pupil confirms this when she tells me the school gives you such “confidence, a sense of ease around boys; you can be quite comfortable in a successful partnership”.

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