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my husband has always drunk heavily not every single day but huge episodes of binge drinking all his 4 siblings are the same eldest one died at 38 and others are either alcohol dependant or alcoholic i am now reaching the end of my tether its wearing me down i…

read the full post Hi everyone, I’d appreciate advice on how to cope.

This blog below gives you the opportunity to share and discuss your feelings in a safe environment.

Feel free to share what you wish about your own experiences but please note that anything that raises a safe-guarding or confidentiality concern may be removed, and we cannot guarantee the quality or appropriateness of responses.

I was in shock then as he was a lovable friendly 33 year old.

But I had no idea what was to follow for the next 6 years, which I can only describe as hell.

read the full post My partner the functioning heroin addict.

From the outside we appear “normal” but inside theres a constant battle with him telling the truth about his drug use. read the full post I only found out about 6 years that my first born son was on coke.

Then coming to terms with what i was seeing my brother died of a drug overdose, it then took my mother just shy of two years to drink her self t…

read the full post Really interested to speak to anyone who has experienced anything similar to me.

read the full post I found out that a parent of mine has been using drugs for over a long period of time.

It has been really sad and emotional to see this person sufffer from not only this addiction but mental health issues too.

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Families sometimes feel lost or struggle to express themselves regarding a loved one’s drug or alcohol use.

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