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Dropout fails to impress Daisy and she thinks that he is trying too hard to act cool.

'84, '85, and '86 tell Daisy that they are only interested in having a good time and dating her together.

Things got very complicated after the show stopped filming.

So I had one of the talent wranglers slip him a note.

It basically said that I understand how one could get mind fucked in this unique situation, but that I truly did like him a lot and if he wanted he could call me and wrote down my number.

Mostly due to the fact that some of the cast members from my show where invited to do others and they obviously couldn’t be in two places at once. Typically the ratings are low on reunion shows, so the network isn’t willing to shell out money for it. Cause I would have had the greatest reunion show ever!!!!!! there still could be one Okay now on to the goods.. since we were not allowed to let people see us in public we had to stay trapped in my apartment. And just re affirmed to me that this guy could be my all.

After the show had ended, I was very excited that I had found what I thought was “the man of my dreams.” And that we could have been the first “real” couple to actually be in love off of one of these shows. I was totally scared that after these three days of take out food, movies and a lot of cigarettes… I remember thinking “wow, this guy is perfect for me.. I very shortly learned that he had a pregnant girlfriend!!

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Well I find it very ironic that out of all the guys that were auditioned to be on my show….

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