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But then there are some celebrities that keep their personal lives totally off-limits.Staying out of the limelight — and, most importantly, keeping their family away from paparazzi as well — is so important to them, that sometimes you won't even know that they got married, were pregnant, or had a baby until months after the fact.Paquin is still very active on Twitter, and after a tabloid magazine published photos of her children online, she tweeted about the incident.It seems Paquin will continue to advocate for her children's — and her own — privacy in the media. She recently welcomed the birth of her son, Elijah, with now-husband Taylor Hubbell.

In an interview with and the birth of their child caused for little sleep each night, waking up between midnight and 2 a.m.

It seems that the lives of celebrities are constantly at the forefront of every magazine and tabloid, no matter if they're flaunting a new figure or have a new significant other on their arm.

And when it comes to families, certain celebs are so public that it feels like we follow every waking moment from bump to birth.

"It's something everybody grapples with: why we're programmed the way we're programmed," he said. You're programming this thing." It wasn't until June 2017 that Glover revealed his son's name, Legend, during his Governor's Ball performance.

For Glover, it seems that keeping his family life off-limits to the media has been the recipe for the life he wants for his child.

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