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So all the old material will be left here for archival purposes, with comments turned off.although I have also reckoned quite a lot of them are sizing up each other's equipment, not just the cars'! " I responded, "There will be people all round." "So, all the more fun," Eric replied, "come on, we wanted some fun." "OK, I replied and turned the car round." We arrived at the car park that everyone meets in and drove in. " He was pointing to an area which was full of guys standing round cars. We drove down towards the group of twenty or so guys.Sure enough there were guys around our age everywhere, looking at cars, peering into cars and standing around in groups. They were all around our age, some looked as though they must just have passed their driving test yesterday.There were a few people around, from where they were standing we looked as though we were fully clothed.The danger was that a higher vehicle would drive alongside us, someone would look out of a building, or that someone would cross the road.

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We drove around for some time enjoying the excitement of this risk of being seen.

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