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To change the source from which Visual Studio obtains packages, select one from the source selector: To manage package sources: When a package is selected, the Package Manager UI displays a small, expandable Options control below the version selector (shown here both collapsed and expanded).

Note that for some project types, only the Show preview window option is provided. When selected, a modal window displays which the dependencies of a chosen package before the package is installed: (Not available for all project types.) Dependency behavior configures how Nu Get decides which versions of dependent packages to install: (Not available for all project types.) Remove dependencies: when selected, removes any dependent packages if they're not referenced elsewhere in the project.

The Auto Complete feature in Internet Explorer lets you more quickly fill out web forms and go to websites you have visited in the past.

Auto Complete collects and stores in the registry on your PC the data you type in web form text boxes and the address bar.

Internet Explorer has certain features that may impact or help you to protect your privacy.

The sections below describe some of these features and how to change their settings.

When you activate this feature, Internet Explorer logs data points about your interaction with webpages in an event log, which can be viewed with the Windows Event Viewer.

These events describe failures that might have happened on the site and can include information about specific controls and webpages that failed.

Whenever you use the Internet, or software with Internet enabled features, information about your PC ("standard PC information") is sent to the websites you visit and online services you use.

For example, some Active X Controls can play audio, video, or show images on a webpage.

These controls may have an impact on the performance, security, and reliability of Internet Explorer.

You can delete this data at any time with Delete Browsing History.

This feature in Internet Explorer is designed for use by developers and IT professionals to determine the compatibility of their websites with Internet Explorer.

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When you choose to manage packages for a solution, the Package Manager UI provides a Consolidate tab on which you can easily see where packages with distinct version numbers are used by different projects in the solution: In this example, the Class Library1 project is using Entity Framework 6.2.0, whereas Console App1 is using Entity Framework 6.1.0.

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