Updating sql server dao recordsets

Dragging only the data you actually need and only when you need it is the key to working efficiently across a network, but there's more.

You can also retrieve data using a disconnected recordset, which keeps the data on the client side, so objects respond quicker.

Example - Reading from a database: Using an Access database, users can connect to table, query or write SQL (structured query language) into the calling object. Both have similar members (methods and properties) and can conflict if both are being referenced in the same module.

), you can pass either an index or string name into it to refer to any field in that source file and return one of several values (in this case the data value).

It is not essential to have Microsoft Access loaded as this reference uses the backdoor but it will be difficult to check the database without it!

The above example opens an Access database (db1.mdb) in memory and sets a reference to one of its known tables using the Open Recordset method.

Instead, consider passing a query or SQL statement instead: and will require further investigation to help establish the rule (refer to VBA help for more information).

For example 2.8 is for those running on Windows XP where as users would choose 6.0 for Windows Vista.The above example connects to an Access database (db2). Other useful methods include (beginning of file) which allows you to iterate through records using loops. There is much, much more on this subject (I've not done this justice) and users should now be confident to go off and investigate further using various other resources (books and the web! Consider using ADO for across platform applications typically over the web (server) and non-Microsoft Window environments which have the capability to create DSN-less connections.There other ways to connect as well as setting optional arguments which control the method of connection (using ODBC or DSN-Less etc) which is beyond this article. It also handles multiple databases at the same time and is considered the standard with other programming languages.This library will than allow objects to be created to interrogate a database, tables, fields and return information to populate a spreadsheet.An advanced feature of this library (ADOX) will even allow users to create, modify and delete structures of a database whether a table, query, stored procedure or fields.

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