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Over the years, it’s inevitable that your pipes will rust and corrode.

Without replacement, leaks are a guarantee, and the last thing you want is sewage taking a swim across your abode.

Usually, this can be done with only minor adjustments to the existing pipes.

Cutting pipe: A stubby pipe cutter lets you cut copper pipe in tight wall spaces. The top pipe, which leads up to the showerhead, will be unsoldered with a torch, rather than cut, to preserve the length of the pipe.

For those with older homes, regular checks for rust, discoloration, and corrosion are vital to ensure that pipes work properly and to avoid the expensive damage caused by leaks.

Even if you notice a leak in just one location, you might need your entire home inspected.

Caution 3: You cannot have any water sitting in the pipe when you unsolder it: You can hold the torch to the fitting endlessly, but it will not heat enough to break the solder loose.

Try jiggling the pipe enough to get the water to drain, but if it doesn't, you might have to either cut the pipe or drill a hole to drain the pipe.

The rotten wood has been removed from the joist and a new joist “sistered” onto the other side.But most showers are supplied by ½-inch pipe -- not enough to power many of the body-jet systems.Before you buy a Titanic spray system, ask to be sure that it works satisfactorily with ½-inch pipe -- or make sure you have ¾-inch pipes into which you can tap.Caution 4: If your fittings have any tricky angles, first dry-fit the joint -- it won't go all the way together without the glue in it, but you should be able to get it at least halfway.Make a line with a marking pen across the joint, or run a piece of tape across the joint and slice it, then pull the joint apart.

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