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There are still lot of development tools that only run or rather work properly on Windows only.

Having test version 9 of Directory Optus in Vista, I can say that DO’s copy function is more functional, faster and reliable than Vista’s version.

However, Vista did not corrupt the hard disk during improper shutdown, and actually its self-healing function work more reliably than Windows XP.

Windows Vista does not come with dot Net 1.1 framework pre-installed.

Contrary to what those Windows guru saying that dot Net 1.1 is redundant since Vista come with 2.0 Net framework, there are still a lot of popular applications insisting that Net 1.1 is installed during setup, otherwise the application will simply fail to work properly or simply refuse to install at all. For me, I have encountered the above error even though I have purchased a certified Windows Vista pre-installed Acer Notebook just few months ago (Acer Aspire 5583WXMi).

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