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I'm Using vs 2005 with ms access 2003 database and finding myself how to get rid of this error "Syntax Error on UPDATE Statement" can you take a look at my codes below and tell me what's wrong? Public Class Transactions Dim cnn OLEDB As New Ole Db Connection Dim cmd OLEDB As New Ole Db Command Dim cmd Insert As New Ole Db Command Dim cmd Update As New Ole Db Command Dim str Connection String = "Provider=Microsoft. Current Directory & "\Library Database.mdb" Private Sub Transactions_Load(By Val sender As System. NET database application, using the drag-and-drop tools to create both list and detailed bound forms. what if they accidentally spill the coffee on the keyboard and wipe it with a rag, do you want it to save while they are wiping it?The problem is, to write data back to the database, I have to click on the "Save" button. the question is, at what point does the applicatoin know the perso is finished entering the data? curious why not set it to save as soon as they highlight any field? Execute Non Query() Msg Box("Transaction Recorded.") txtmem_id. :) the error was gone the problem is in my database where I set the borrower column to number instead of text that's why it displays an error datatype mismatch..

Current Directory & "\Library Database.mdb") Try cnn OLEDB. I'm just finishing the other forms before I continue to work on fine/fees section.

if a new member register automaticaly a 400pesos will be added at the fee textbox and also the total will be updated. Borrowing of books is free as long us it was returned on or before due date (3days).

In the Fee/Fine button it display a record of fine = textbox, fee = another textbox and total = another textbox also. and 400 Pesos only reduced when due date exceeded (10 Pesos one day); or, if not reduced at all, is each book has a price to pay everytime member borrow it? If they borrow a book they have to use their cards. If a member already borrowed 3 books then it means he already uses 3 cards so he can't borrow anymore unless he return the book.

every time a member borrow a book he must return it in 3 days.

About the Fine when a member borrow a book and exceeds it's due date a fine of 10pesos per day will be collected.

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Open() End Sub Private Sub Button8_Click(By Val sender As System. Text & " ;" j = "SELECT ID FROM books WHERE ID=" & txtbook_id. Text & "', '" & "Borrowed" & "', '" & txtborrow_from.

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