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He then shows the bunnies a video clip from 1930 that scientists believe through recent discovery that the earth's center is made of gold and guarded by gremlins.If their gold is ever stolen, their angry tantrums cause massive earthquakes.Later at home, Plucky sits on his bed reading a Toxic Revenger comic (a parody of the Toxic Avenger with Plucky in the lead role) and mocking the quake.He is singing "Who is afraid of the big bad quake" (similar to The Three Little Pigs singing "Who's afraid of the big bad wolf").They come to a cavern with a large dirt pile full of dinosaur bones which the bunnies quickly climb up.Buster knocks down a skull form the top, landing on the worm along with a landslide the bunnies created and knocking it out.The walls are too solid to tunnel through themselves, so Buster reconstructs the dinosaur bones while singing "Dem Bones".

They finally hit the center where they are thrust up and down until they stay levitated in the air at the center.

At the Acme Seismography Institute, Elmer Fudd warns television viewers (with help from three mice led on a treadmill by cheese on a fishing string and a levitating Shirley the Loon) that there is a really large earthquake coming to Acme Acres and to evacuate right away.

Plucky, Hamton and Buster believe they are safe inside their homes, which they demonstrate their durability through song (Plucky's home built from grass and reeds, Hamton's home built from nails and wood, and Buster's is a burrow secured with temper steel).

Plucky and Hamton make fun of Shirley predicting a quake when they see her headlined on a newspaper (Shirley then electrocutes them from the paper).

Plucky and Hamton then make fun of Buster and Babs while they prepare for the quake, but the bunnies feel they will be safe in Buster's home and the quake will swallow Hamton and Plucky up whole.

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