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Along with the success of his new album and record label, George is currently the Resident DJ at Las Vegas’ Encore Beach and Surrender Night Club inside the Wynn Hotel.He is also the Resident DJ at Club Glow in Washington, DC and has joined the Day Glow Tour.Music such as this can only come from the hard work of a great artist, an artist such as the George Acosta.With over 20 years of experiences as a DJ and Producer, George can certainly be considered a driving force in the dance music industry.

Some of these songs were: Emotions, Taking Over Space, and The Reaper.

This is what made George Acosta a legacy in dance music.

In 2009, searching to expand his career in the music industry even further, George, along with his long time manager Francisco Pacheco, decided to create the label Aco Music.

The decision to create his own label transpired from the desire to brand his personal, unique signature sound and style.

In an effort to evolve into something greater, Acosta wanted to use his label not only to release his own original music, but also to be able to remix songs from other artists.

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He also released several compilations under the Ultra Records Label which included: Awake and AM & PM, just to name a few.

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