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After reading an interview with TV composer Paul K.Joyce, Howe decided to seek him out for help in developing some of his unfinished ideas (ah, the power of an interview! As far as material goes, everything was on the table.

The celebrated guitarist took advantage of Yes's tenuous lineup through the '90s and released a flurry of solo material that easily outpaced his band.Indeed, he’s just as adept at jazz (check out the fusion-esque “Westwinds”) and blues (as affirmed by “Luck of the Draw”) as he is with the numbers early on side one that essentially echo the Yes template.And lest there be any doubt about his ability to connect, a listen to his version of the surf standard “Walk Don’t Run” or the two tracks culled from his most unlikely but still critically satisfying Portraits of Bob Dylan album -- those being “Just Like a Woman” and “Buckets of Rain” -- demonstrate he’s perfectly attuned to conventional melodies as well.On Time, the original material from Howe, Joyce and Sutin scooch their chairs even closer to the likes of Vivaldi's "Concerto Grosso in D Minor" and Bach's "Cantata No. And while this can often be seen as a good thing, many Yes nerds know that Howe is capable of more sound varieties in spite of his musical professionalism.This is coming from a guy who spent more time in high school listening to Turbulence and The Grand Scheme of Things than any Pearl Jam or Nirvana.

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Hence the need for solo albums to extend life outside the constraints of the ensemble’s signature sound.

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