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I can't tell you what's bad for your soul -- only that masturbation won't do anything to your body or your mind.

Another line I get all the time is that masturbation is something you do only when you can't have sex, that it's something only desperate people do -- wrong!

i want to go to this one near me and be watched jacking off. my question is, is it proper etiquette or whatever to leave a door open while wanking? i dont know if there are glory holes or any sort of viewing window (not that i could tell form outside the booths).

but anyway, if someone could let me know id greatlly appreciate it. It appeared they had several booths with glory holes between them, but I have only gone in the private booths.

In fact, odds are that if someone says they aren't, then they really are. Well, a lot of people are kind of uncomfortable about the idea of masturbation.

Girls do it, boys do it, men do it, women do it, cops do it, doctors do it, teachers do it, football players do it, astronauts do it, sailors do it ... Parents, for instance, usually aren't really ready to accept the fact that their kids -- to them babies just yesterday -- have any kind of sexual feelings.

If you are offended by nudity, or offended by guys having sex solo, or with others, or by seeing cum on the floor, or by opening an unlocked door to find somebody sitting there stroking a big juicy cock, then you have absolutely no business being in that video arcade, because that's what goes on there. Come on, say it with me: "there's NOTHING wrong with masturbation." Not a thing.It won't put hair on your palms, make you go blind, ruin you for sex (whatever that means), make you gay, or make your dick shrink -- or get bigger for that matter. Just about everyone on this planet: more people jerk off than don't. So if everyone does it, and it won't hurt you, then what's the big deal?On a personal level, my visits to the adult arcade are about me being able to watch some porn in private and get off.I would prefer not to have the vision of some guy jacking off with the door open forced upon me.

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Keep in mind what I've said before: just about everyone on this planet masturbates, and usually those that say they don't aren't telling the truth.

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