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And they revelled in their fame — appearing on TV, answering questions in unison and finishing each other’s sentences.‘Once we got together, there was a joy that I had never experienced in my life and it lasted a really long time,’ Robert says.The handsome, grinning hunks became celebrities on the New York club scene and caught the eye of Madonna, who got them a cameo role in her 1985 film Desperately Seeking Susan.The agency initially said the parents had been chosen at random, but when it emerged that each family had an adopted daughter aged around two at the time of the triplets’ adoptions, provided by the same agency, it prompted even more questions.The agency insisted there had been no plan to target the families, but in the early Eighties, after the triplets’ story emerged, suspicions hardened.At first the triplets were utterly delighted to have discovered each other, and absorbed by their similarities.They all smoked the same brand of cigarettes, loved Italian food and preferred older women.

Identical siblings separated at birth provided him with a stunning opportunity.Returning for a forgotten umbrella after a meeting with senior agency staff to discuss the discovery, Robert’s father found they’d cracked open a celebratory bottle of scotch ‘as if they had managed to defuse the situation’.It transpired that the triplets were the focus of a secret, but legal, study directed by Dr Peter Neubauer, a psychoanalyst who ran Manhattan’s Child Development Centre.However, a judge had found his role ‘minimal’ and he was sentenced to work weekends at a disabled children’s home for five years.Robert said he had enrolled at college to turn over a new leaf.

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Eddy and Robert found they talked and laughed the same way, had identical birthmarks and IQ scores of 148 (over 140 is categorised as genius).

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