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He was raised by his parents in Sudbury and his mother was an artistic director whose name is Lisa.Along with this she was also associated with Concord Youth Theatre.And it seems that the openly gay is currently in a romantic relationship with a mysterious Judging by the images he shares, it seems Scott is enjoying his life after the curtains of his secret fell, all because of his brother's accidental error.But the couple has not spoken anything about getting married till this date.During the time he worked as a model in “Tyler” and promotes its games like included electronic phones.Also within the same time, in the film Not another Teen Movie he got entry of pass within the film industry and later on also got a lead role in perfect Score.

Chris is 6 feet tall in his height and his net worth is around 40 million dollars.The brothers now are strong advocates of gay rights, and Scott openly talks about his sexuality now through various social media.Scott Evans, a Hollywood hunk with the height of 6 Feet(1.82 meters), has attracted immense attention in the media when it comes to his love life.Curious to know who accidentally disclosed his big secret?If you truly crave to know the answer, then you need to keep reading as we reveal about the accidental disclosure, and also shed some light on the current dating status of the star.

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