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Aimes had Teagan smuggle the gold in and then put it on display at his private gallery. She fired her first assistant, Melinda, after she tells Shelton about the death threats. He purchased a new ID from Devlin using the alias Sam Brennan. Roger Barrow was arrested three times in Chicago for aggravated assault, extortion and attempted murder. He owns a number of shipping companies, and he handles a lot of import and export out of New York Harbor.

This opens the door for Diana Barrigan to work as her assistant. He is running an escort service called Aphrodite that he uses as part of the straw donor scam for Gary Jennings. Bilal likes to race horses internationally and spends his days at the Rodgers Yacht Club. Blake was a probationary agent assigned to the White Collar division of the FBI.

Stated in the episode Willie or Won't He II: The Last Chapter?

It is one of the few shows to ever really address friendships amongst Black women.Hayes has been featured in films such as Charlie's Angels and Being John Malkovich. He is senior partner at Goldberg, Swedelson, Mc Donald and Lee.However, his most popular role was as attorney William Dent on the long-running UPN/CW show, Girlfriends. He is portrayed as somewhat of a "mama's boy" but possesses self-confidence and a dry sense of humor.They offer people ,000 for their kidney and then sell it to a wealthy donor for 0,000. She tries to hide money she got from mortgage fraud in a deposit box at Certified National Bank. He stole a valuable pigeon's blood ruby and smuggled it into New York where Randy Morosco cut and attempted to sell it.She approaches June about a donation and flirts with Peter in Vital Signs. In 2009, he sold six magnums of 1947 Chateu lafluer one year, although they only produced five magnums that year. After she was arrested, she plea bargained out and confessed to mortgage fraud for a reduced sentence. Neal lured him out into the open using a fake ruby.

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