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First, you can carry it with you to the coffee shop or wherever and share it with others.

They can read the test for themselves and you can find out if they would have answered it differently than you.

You print out more than one copy and your friends can take the relationship quiz for themselves. If everyone is honest, you can find out what they really think on certain topics and situations.

Another advantage to a printable relationship quiz is that you can take it home and you and your partner can take it together.

The questions can be given a zero or a one, a zero if the question doesn’t relate to you or a one if it does.

At the end of the quiz, your score is added up and the amount is interpreted for you.

The number of sites with printable relationship quizzes may not be as numerous as quiz sites that offer links with your results, but I have tried to make a list of some of the more popular printable sites along with a few of their relationship quizzes.

Others have questions that are ranked in importance from 1 to 5, or 1 to 10, or so on.Relationship quizzes dole out advice that you might not find from other sources.They are also fun to share with others such as your close friends or intimate partner.That is where printable relationship quizzes come in handy.These are quizzes that you can either print directly from the Internet or you can download them in a pdf and print them out.

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Are you picky and hard to get or would you settle for anyone?

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