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"Anyway..." you'll say, continuing on with your conversation.''idk about you guys, but i would never see myself doing this. You never force any of em, you just have an entrie repitwar in your head.

if you happen to remember one at just the right time, and you are confidant that the attraction built will sustain the push then you use it.

It's a means of ratcheting up a woman's interest, and it's one entirely under your control and not dependent on any given prompt or reaction from her.

In other words, it's one of seduction's dragon slayers - one of the best ways you can transform women with noses in their air to women tearing down your door.

An amazing video that talks between others about pushing/pulling can be found here. Even after doing just a small takeaway can make a big shift from you chasing her, to her chasing you.

A technique called two-dimensional push/pull was suggested by u/G12c4. Then you act as if she did something silly and let her go... Thing about takeaways too is they can be used as pings, you can tell how much a girl is into you by how much she is willing to chase.

instead of one liners, you can do a lot more with tone and attention and she won't know whats going on. It should be added for noobs that external tactics like the ones listed are rooted in your mindset. But if you have the correct mindset and belief structures you can do push-pull without memorizing the examples above. When you study naturals that's all they do, push to build value and pull to get comfort. ", suggesting cookie-cutter lines or routines breeds social stagnancy and therefore social awkwardness.

the other night i was talking to a girl at a bar and i missed getting the bartenders attention and she commented on it, so i just turned to her and said "oh i just got so lost in your eyes" in a joking tone, so it was a question of how serious I was. The hardest part at the start of doing this is calibration, without it you can come of as fake. If you're going to suggest exact lines, give the context of those lines and explain why those lines worked in those contexts, so that beginners can change those lines to fit other contexts.

As with negging and with responses to shit testing, specific examples to pushing/pulling help for two reasons.

Or when hugging/kissing her if you pull out first and say "ok, that's enough".

These can be used be virtually everyone Memorizing lines is counterproductive, it teaches you to rely on the time you spend studying pickup rather than on your own internal and spontaneous resources.

The aim of this post is to gather as many Push/Pull examples and techniques in to a single place. Emotional Push/Pull This last example highlights one of the hidden powers of push-pull: push-pull can give you the chance to paint pictures in a woman's head that set the frame for the two of you being together.

I will start with some that i collected all around the internetz and i will update the list with information from the post comments. The sensation of being pulled into you is powerful - she doesn't know what you're going to do. e.g., in the example just above, you paint the picture of the two of you in a relationship, then paint the picture of the two of you still in a relationship, now fighting (which is also endearing to a girl and makes it feel like she's known you far longer)When you hit the high point in the conversation (the girl is laughing, initiates kino etc), half turn from her, get your phone out and start reading something.

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First to study their general structure and apply that structure to our interactions and second, because some examples are really good and can be used, with a proper calibration and social intelligence of course, as is.

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