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Vehicles now are able to change ma GAZine from AP to HE ^ Mi-8 door seats are folded when there is MG attached ^ Clean up redundant UVs and UVs inshadow lods on most models ^ Mi-8 passengers use same comparment as pilot ^ Increased size of pouches on 6Sh116 to represent real life better ^ Improved virtual Ammo addding of USAF scopes ^ Mi-8 textures ^ Fixed errors in ^ Increased BTR-60/70 lower hull armor from 5mm to 7mm ^ Added proper firegeo to BTR-70 side doors ^ Randomised radar starting pos by using time Rnd Offset ^ Added base class for Mi-24D with MCLOS missiles ^ Brightened up BMP-2D additional armour texture ^ Added missing geometry LODs for some russian berets ^ Added emtpy shadow LODs for berets ^ Slightly improved Tigr Wheel Phys X ^ Changed BMP-2 loadout so PKT use single 2000 round ma GAZine ^ Tweaked S5 rockets damage values ^ Reorganised rhs_scopes as rhs_accessory ^ PSO-1M2-1 use 25m increments for zeroing now ^ Added Mi8MTV-3 & AMTSh exhaust mem points ^ Added static weapons for VMF ^ Added engine smoke effect to ZSU-23-4 ^ Added set Shot Parents command to spall & heat script ^ Tweaked DTK geometry so it can fit AKS-74 too & improved it shadow lods ^ Added some missing weapons to virtual Ammo ^ Adjusted Mi-8 landing gear animations ^ Disabled engine startup script in water due to how waves were handled ^ 2DP inheritance ^ Improved hatch control script ^ Decreased fuel of T-80 ^ Tweaked ATGM speed ^ Disabled tablock on Su-25 & Mi-28 ^ Added RPG7 backpack with PG7V rockets ^ The way sound tails are handled ^ Ballistic data for PG-7VM & VS ^ Added some more S5 rockets types (HEAT, HE/HEAT, FRAG) ^ Added proper reticle for Mi-8MTV-3 & Mi-8AMTSh PKV collimator ^ Corrected Mi-8 PKT limits for front & rear machinegunner ^ Adjusted pilot position to better match collimator ^ Changed BMP-1/2 commander reticle from TPKU-2B to TKN-3B ^ Improved BMP-2 1PZ-3 cover textures & added animation to it ^ Added proper zoom modes to BMP-1/2 commander ^ Added UBR11 rounds for 2A72/2A42 ^ Rearmed BMP3 & BMD-4 with UBR11 rounds ^ Adjusted PGO7V3 reticle ^ Added ballistic data for PG7V & VM/VS ^ Added rotation of RPG7 projectiles ^ Added tracer to OG7 round ^ Added PGO7V2 & PGO7V optic variants ^ Added ability to hide benches in Mi-8 helicopter ^ Added new IK anims to Mi-8AMTSh ^ Added new suspension configuration to Su-25 ^ Restored old reticle & ballistic to SPG9 & OG9V round ^ Section optimization for T-72 & T-90 ^ Small tweak to T-80 snorkel script (MP compatibility) ^ Added new IK anims to KORD, DSh KM, UAZ with DSh KM/AGS & Tigr STS ^ Tweaked rotation speed of D-30 ^ Disabled manual fire option for T-72B obr 84-89 ^ Added TPNK-240A optic to BRM-1K navigator ^ Added BRM-1K radar to PRP-3 ^ Added 9M14 fly model ^ Increased fly ATGM model bounding box to exclude from near zero pixel draw optimization algorithm ^ Tweaked SACLOS script ^ Improved snorkel script - loop is now initialized on snorkel mount which means less scripts are running in the background in the typical scenarios ^ EMR textures ^ Added Mi8MTV-3 without door MGs ^ Added IK anims to Mi-8MT & MTV-3 ^ Added aim Transition Speed (speed of aiming down the sight) ^ Clean up on BTRs & ZSU ^ Tweaked tanks init (seems spawn has 3ms limit & creating agent near [0,0,0] significantly delay whole code) ^ Tweaked turned out limits for side gunner of BMP-3 by doing nasty workaround ^ Tweaked 2S3 max fording depth ^ Added 9M117M Kan & 9M117M1 to BMP3 (early - 9m117, late 9m117m, M - 9m117m1) & BMD4 (basic - 9m117m, M - 9m117m1) ^ Added additional optic mode to RPG26 & RSHG2 for rangefinder usage ^ Further improvments to engine start script - added collider without component name & redefined physx collider to house class ^ Improved ammo indexing & autoloader script ^ Readded BMP-3 commander ^ Improved turret unload script ^ Added unified Bolt Action & Disposable script using new weapon EH ^ Optimized 2S3 model ^ Added air Lock=1 to tank ATGMs & HEATs- AI should now engage helicopters with them ^ PDU4 now triggers Shtora ^ Raised capacity for RPG Bag ^ Added top hatch mesh to Kam AZ & FFV seat to handle it ^ AKS-74U texture ^ Went on section reduction spree for following models: UAZ, URAL, GAZ66, ZSU23, BTRs, Tigrs, Kam AZ ^ Tweaked gear sound changing script ^ VSS stock is made of wood now (at least in fire geometry) ^ Tweaked bolt action script handling for AI & remote units ^ Improved FCS handling which allows using zoom by tank & ifv drivers ^ Improved FCS scripts performance ^ Changed BMP-2 BPK-42 handler - highly experimental, changing between optics mode may not work 100% correctly ^ BMP-2 Obr 86 now use 9M113M missiles ^ Added reticle night illumination to BPK-42-2 (BMP2 sight) ^ Added ability to remove launchers (Maljutka & Konkurs) from BMPs & BMD through VG ^ Added small anim of konkurs optic cover rise up when ATGM is selected ^ Changed how weapons are working on BMP-2 now.

While using BPK-42 it's possible to use only main gun & coax machinegun.

]) in 2nd res lod & other small issues (open geometry, flags, etc) @ BMP-1 barrel selection in shadow lod @ Fixed Mi-24 antenna cover texture color @ Fixed Mi-24p camo1 texture @ Fixed missing flare effect on Mi-24 & Su-25 lights @ Fixed civilian URAL picture @ UAZ-469 searchlight texture @ Fixed BMP-1P had two 9P135 launchers in distant res lods @ Obyekt 681-2 was missing ATGM sight @ Fixed BMP-2 Obr 80 camo selections on ATGM launcher @ Fixed rotor blur not working in last res lod of Mi-8AMTSh @ Fixed BMP-1P hand movement when using launcher @ Restored accidently deleted variable in engine startup script @ Network sync @ Fixed ghost BTR-60 LOD @ T-72 parsenumber bug @ 2DP nohq inverted, reduced texture size and rvmat [email protected] Fixed Su-25 & PAK-FA landing damage @ Fixed Tochka-U launch sound @ S-13 launchers missing autocenter=0 in geometry @ Fixed nvg visible in fpv @ Fixed T-72 FCS error with 0 range @ Fixed TM-62M mine deactivated model, shadow lod and description in @ Fixed PMN-2 mine deactivated model, shadow lod and description in @ Fixed Zu-23 locking @ Configged in VSR 6Sh92 vests using existing [email protected] PSNR-5 not detecting radar contacts due to get Pos* issue @ RGD-2 Smoke, stun grenades, and thrown flares not cycling between types if multiple types in inventory @ Lead setting was default 0, yet in menu options default value was 1 @ Fixed cabin elements position after rescalling @ Fixed people tag hidding @ Fixed gunner was able to fire inside Tigr-M @ Fixed safemode sound not played everytime @ Fixed PAK-FA decals @ Fixed No Sound for GAZ-66 when reversing @ Bad texture on Chedaki BRM-1K commander [email protected] BMP-1K missing hidden selection for wheels in 1st res lod @ Duplicated mesh elements for BMP-2D in 1st res lod @ Fixed init Speed thing that broke most of muzzle velocities (i.e.KPVT & PKT had same muzzle velocity because of that) @ Fixed destruction selections on BMP-3 ^ Tweaked AS Val hand animation ^ Weapon_plate penetration rvmat added to the AS Val ^ Tweaked Tigr STS PKM zoom level ^ Added zeroing for NSVT ^ Tweaked pzu5 position ^ Tweaked elevation limits for BMP ^ Added BMP1/2 insurgent camo to VG ^ Cleaned insurgent configs ^ Cleaned indentity configs ^ Improved VG garage support for Ka60 ^ FCS autotracking improvement ^ Shtora script performance ^ More random heargear for infantry ^ Tigr STS cargo animations for RPG-26 ^ Shtora sensor margin of error added ^ Stacked Event Handlers for all vehicles ^ Clothing UI icons added, first pass ^ Decal scripts ^ Retreading script performance ^ New GUI elements for 1G42 optic ^ Improved autoloader: T-72B variants (excluding B3) need to reload manually after each shot with the Reload key (default R).

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