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It happens all too often, especially with our Black men.Every time one of our stars, or even the Average Joe walking down the street, is seen with a non-Black woman, the “he don’t like his momma’s,” “he don’t like himself’s” and the “sad, sellout” jabs start rolling in.If a person who prides themselves on their African roots and Black culture finds their soul mate in an individual as pale as a block of ivory, they shouldn’t feel like they can’t pursue happiness without someone questioning their character. God wouldn’t possibly create mate compatibility between people who fall into different human-constructed racial lines because our higher being is just at prejudice as we are.I almost forgot.) We have to be pretty shallow to expect a person to confine to dating in a racially-defined box based on a of Black oppression at the hands of White supremacists.But I know everyone holds different views, for their own reasons.So let’s talk about it: is a person’s pro-Blackness, or Blackness in general, comprised when they date outside of their race? It is not a substitute for personal medical advice from a medical professional.

in Mass Communication and has written the book Sucka Free Love.

Why can’t a brotha like Romeo, who mentioned that he’s dated all types of women, including ones “as black as Akon,” be with a non-Black woman without scrutiny and backlash?

Isn’t it possible that a Black person could bleed love beyond skin color?

Some people may "look" ethnic but, may not identify with that ethnic group.

(Just because you have a friend who is similar in culture to you partner, do not assume you know everything about his/her culture.

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Our joy in our relationships, ANY relationship, must come from the surprise and delight of finding someone we have a spiritual, mental and emotional connection to. Choosing someone to love and someone to care about you should be your first priority, not race.

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