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The Owens moved there from Shrewsbury in 1900, Tom Owen having been appointed stationmaster at the Woodside terminus.All sulky red brick and wheelie-bins today, the place was bustling and industrious at the turn of the century.But the greatest difference, and the power of Owen's gift, lay in his new ability to draw on the sum total of his experience to date in ways that were fresh and exciting to him, and so, continually, to us.

Soon, though, the coals whispering and shifting in the grate lead the poet elsewhere: But the coals were murmuring of their mine, And moans down there Of boys that slept wry sleep, and men Writhing for air.

Throughout the offices of his post at Dunsden - Parish duties followed by soul-destroying suppers with the Reverend - Owen was writing poems, sonnets full of love and beauty and death, rich in Romantic tropes and allusions, but he was always learning how to make a poem.

He quoted Keats to his mother, encouraging her to read the poems, and made literary pilgrimages - echoing mine - to Keats's house, even tracking down a granddaughter of Coleridge in Torquay.

The young Wilfred grew up in an Evangelical atmosphere: frequent services took place at home, as well as in church, and I discovered how Wilfred liked dressing up, donning the priestly robes. Despite this, a major epiphany seems to have occurred out in the countryside to the south-east of Birkenhead, above the Cheshire hamlet of Broxton, in about 1904, and it had nothing to do with the church.

Climbing the wooded sandstone ridge up from Broxton today, it's not hard to see why.

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