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The earliest Clovis points date back 13,500 years and have been found in 1,500 places throughout North America and have appeared as far south as Venezuela.The Clovis people were some of the earliest inhabitants of the Americas, and the fact that no Clovis points have been found in Siberia (from which humans first migrated to the Americas) shows that they may have been the first American invention.For several years, the bones were labeled as canine until a researcher found that they more closely matched a bobcat’s.Not only were the bones found in special mound, but the bobcat had been treated with reverence, something not seen before in North America.In the 1980s, a 2,000-year-old Hopewell burial mound in western Illinois was uncovered during construction of a highway.Among the human remains, animal bones were found and believed to be dog remains, since the Hopewell were known to bury them.The cave graffiti includes depictions of Christian symbols, around 30 religious phrases, and the Taino’s own religious iconography.These findings show that Spanish may have been less ruthless in their efforts than previously thought.

While Mahendraparvata may have been forgotten, its legacy continues to live on.Explorers required native help to explore the complex caves, and the iconography shows that they were most likely genial and tried to peacefully expose the Taino to Christianity and European culture, while the indigenous people engaged the explorers with their own culture and beliefs.The Clovis points were first unearthed in 1932 in Clovis, New Mexico. Howard, wasn’t looking for artifacts; he was looking for mammoth fossils.Mona Island, located in the Caribbean Sea, was occupied by the Taino people in the 16th century.When the island’s cave system was explored recently, it was found that the Spanish conquistadors of the time and the Taino had a sort of cultural exchange, long forgotten to historical record.

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