Overly accommodating

They’ll simply push themselves to the nth degree to get it done.At home, they may do all the chores, keep the house clean and take care of the kids.Many people have a difficult time saying no to their bosses, lovers, children and/or friends.These people tend to be very kind, loving people who are all about helping others…unfortunately, often at the expense of themselves.Saying no, taking time out for yourself and drawing the line when necessary, are all vital to healthy relationships.

Hell, this is the main reason why most movies are forgettable: too much of a corporate cookie-cutter approach that insults the viewer.

You know what's going to happen in the first ten minutes and thus drift into oblivion for the next two hours.

The problem with being accommodating is the focus gets shifted to what doesn't matter.

Incorporate some of the rules above beginning with easier no’s with the safest people and expanding to the more difficult no’s with the more difficult people.

Good luck…and if you don’t want to do this challenge…JUST SAY NO!

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