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Rumors began swirling that the "Jealous" singer and his muse had broken things off after they were last seen at the Billboard Music Awards in May.The usually PDA-heavy couple have not been seen in public or on social media together since the award show."I was like, I have to come and get out of the city and write." According to Nick, he arrived at his Mammoth, California, home with a "trusted group of collaborators" to get creative. I've tried talking to people and doing that thing, but I don't know, I'm too in my head and unwilling to open up and get deeper.But I feel like the music is the best therapist I've ever had." Aw, Nick. In another scene, Nick rides a ski lift and explains an awkward encounter he once had with a mystery lady. I said, 'Listen, I'm a big fan of your show, and I'm a big fan of your Instagram.' Is that dumb?Jonas serenaded Culpo at the event with his hit single “Jealous.” The song “Jealous” was written by Jonas about Culpo.In an interview with Eonline Jonas said the song is about “when someone is checkin’ out your girl and you’re out, and it’s that whole experience I think a lot of men relate to but don’t actually talk about…The pair ignited rumors of their split after fans noticed Danny had unfollowed his girlfriend on Instagram, and she finally broke her silence during a very awkward "We are broken up and it's just so fresh for me.

Neither Nick nor Olivia have spoken out about their split, but the exes are both currently in New York City and staying at separate hotels — which kind of tells you all you need to know.

Someone needs to ask Nick Jonas what it feels like to dump a former Miss Universe.

Jonas and Culpo have not been seen together in public since the 2015 Billboard Music Awards back in May.

Also, a lot of actresses with TV shows also have Instagram accounts so really, the world may never know her identity... I feel among friends uncomfortable speaking about it. Toward the end, there was just so much bias toward the brothers and the band.

In one scene that takes place inside his cabin (which has a hot tub and is a smoke-friendly zone), Nick also gets real about his history with the Jonas Brothers and the bitterness that came with their split a few years ago. It's funny, it was meant to happen that it ended, but there were probably some family issues that needed to be sorted out, I don't think it needed to.

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At some point, I need to be able to look at it with a positive angle because it does suck that my 13- to 20-year-old years come with a lot of regret, almost, in a way.

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