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(laughs) CJ: Even though you were a dom, are you naturally dominant? CJ: When you were a dom, did anyone have a fetish or a fantasy that you thought, ‘This is really fucked up! Especially camming, you get to hear a lot of stuff like that. Moka: (laughs) I don’t know if you want to hear them! Moka: Of course, there’s pegging, spanking and flogging, the usual. What he does is he did an anal on himself and he didn’t clean out so he had to eat his own shit off the dildo. They pretty much gave me all my dreams come true in the first shoot. Other than on-set, if a scene calls for it, I’m going to do it. I can swing to both but I love being a dom personally. I came across a lot of strange and different fetishes. He had me blackmail him and had me record the whole thing. They were the first people that contacted me about doing a shoot. Moka: They gave me a hardcore gangbang DP and I got to play a witch on trial. Hope she gets more G/G scenes soon, she could be a real contender. Fr Rk P6— ATKGirlfriends (@ATKGirlfriends) August 3, 2017Get ready to flex on that new @Mistress_Grey #blackedraw debut ft. When all a girl wants and asks for is a triple cheeseburger ?? headed to Asia with @Mistress_Grey #letsgo #trip K— ATKGirlfriends (@ATKGirlfriends) June 12, 2017 Moka Mora is in the The Crucible: Parody Gangbang as I am sure her fans all know and like. I’d be surprised if a girl didn’t smell or lick her hands. ’ (laughs) CJ: Did you watch porn before you got into the industry? Then I did a little research on Kink before I ever went there. I had always dreamed of it because I had always done it with toys but not with real people. Moka: My favorites are always the scenes where I have more cocks.

Not that I’m unsure but I am sure that I like both. CJ: Did you have any regular jobs before you started shooting porn? (laughs) CJ: You said you’re a switch…you more submissive with men and dominant with women? CJ: OK, you were a dom, you webcammed, how did you get into porn? They made sure I was really eager to go and get into it.

CJ: In the 6 months you’ve been in it, do you have any favorite scenes?

CJ: Have you ever been in an inappropriate sexual relationship?

(laughs) I’ve been in a couple of long-term relationships with women. CJ: You said you’re a vegetarian, so do you like girls more than guys? CJ: Your Twitter handle is Mistress Grey, did you used to be a Dominitrix?

Moka: Let’s say I definitely kissed a girl before I ever kissed a guy. This industry went hand-in-hand with camming so it made a lot of sense.

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