Mila kunis who is now dating ashton kutcher

This dating profile of the actress will let you know about all her boyfriends.

Mila Kunis was born on August 14, 1983 and is a very popular American actress.

According to Kunis it was just not normal and made her uncomfortable.

Late Emily Irene Sander was an 18 year student in Butler Community College in El Dorado, Kansas who also worked as a porn model.

They had another baby girl recently and Mila took a long break from work to look after her girls. They started officially dating in April 2012 and got engaged on 27th Feb 2014 finally getting married on 4th July 2015. In fact, he owes his wild success to the famous Home Alone series where he plays the lead role.

I think for the first time ever he took my breath away, I was like f---, he's good looking." Things started to heat up after Kutcher invited his on-screen pal to another party ... "Long story short, I didn't leave until the next morning," she revealed.

"If we just paid attention to these movies, we should know that sh-- like this does work out in real life," Kunis joked.

"We clearly didn't pay attention and we shook hands and said, 'Let's just have fun.' Literally, we lived out our movies." "So then we ended up having a lot of talks about how this is a huge mistake," she added.

Despite being successful at a small scale, her breakthrough role would be of Rachel in the romantic comedy-drama Forgetting Sarah Marshal in 2008.

The offers started pouring in and she did great movies like Max Payne, The Book of Eli, Friends with Benefits, Ted, Oz the Great and Powerful and Black Swan.

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