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I want women to learn that they can be adored for the rest of their lives and know that they can almost always be the exception.

To do this, you will need much more than just better boundaries.

is that you have to make up your mind to enjoy the ride.

Likewise, if you believe that the pool of men in your age group is insanely limited, I am here to remind you that people these days are moving in and out of relationships at all times and all ages. Also, I am gong to let you in on another secret: options don’t always come wrapped in perfect bows and manners.

I read this book in 2006 when I started my dating adventures after my divorce. He put out a guy’s perspective without sugar coating the whole deal.

I really enjoyed it, but something did not quite fit for me. For some women, that is enough to stop being treated poorly by the men in their lives.

It simply means that tunnel vision is not sexy or attractive.

It also very rarely helps you to be the exception except with men that are unstable themselves.

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