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Most healthy, strong, accomplished men are attracted to and fall in love with women who respects them and are willing to be vulnerable, share, and give from their heart and emotional side – to engage them with feminine energy.

Yet, many strong single women are scared to be vulnerable, to express their emotions, and too often don’t know how to do either safely.

So I’d frantically try to keep this from happening by checking up on him, doing things for him, trying to change myself for him – anything to keep me from going away. And that’s when I started to learn what really makes a man shower you with love…

In fact, a man yearns to experience his feeling side through you.

When he sees that you’re able to fully experience whatever you’re doing in the moment – whether it’s letting yourself cry during a movie or swooning over a piece of chocolate cake – he’s mesmerized.

Anything that puts you in touch with your sensual self works – dance classes, massages, spending time in nature, even taking a long bath.

Remember, men are fascinated by women because we feel things in ways they can’t.

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