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But most discussions of the male-female divide claim the differences are as vast and unbridgeable as the Grand Canyon, that men and women cannot possibly understand each other.

A recent study of gender differences around sexuality paints a much different picture.

Men report slightly more frequent intercourse with a slightly larger number of partners, but given the broad belief in huge gender differences, the actual differences are surprisingly small.

Age at First Intercourse The myth is that testosterone-crazed young men lose their virginity much earlier than timid young women.

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Women use sex to have relationships, men use relationships to have sex.

Today, oral is far from ubiquitous, but most people have tried it, with very little gender difference.

Most of the studies in this analysis did not distinguish between providing and receiving oral, but the National Health and Social Life Survey did, and it shows that 77 percent of men report performing cunnilingus, while 73 percent of women report receiving it, and 68 percent of women report performing fellatio while 79 percent of men report receiving it. Extra-Marital Sex The myth is that horny men have lots of affairs, while more demure women do not.

Or Joe*, a successful corporate executive in his early 40s who had worked so hard building his career that he’d forgotten about building a family and worried it was too late…

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin at Madison used statistical techniques to combine the results of more than 500 studies published from 1943 to 2007.

Then they combined those results with the findings of several other large ongoing surveys that together include tens of thousands of American, English, and Australian adults.

As a result, we would expect women to experience more sexual guilt than men. But since then, women’s sexuality has been less stigmatized in the media, and women have become less confined to the home and more fully engaged in the world.

As a result, women’s sexual guilt has plummeted, and today, men and women report much smaller differences. “Gender Differences in Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors: A Review of Meta-Analytic Results and Large Datasets,” Society loves a good sexual gender divide.

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Compared with older studies, more recent research shows less difference in admissions of masturbation.

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