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Sofia Richie is likely on the Kardashian payroll, at the excitement of the boyfriend who cast her, the baby daddy, ex husband of the “hotter” Kardashian sister, which is like saying the hotter pile of shit…. This is all contrived, paparazzi clickbait, that gets the whole family paid and keeps the whole family talked about and relevant, newsworthy…with scandals and nonsense, a tactic that works.

The fact that there are 12 immediate children that crawled out of Kris Jenner’s kangaroo pouch over the years, makes marketing a joke, many peripheral characters, many cameos….

I know it’s not actually big news, no one cares about Eniko Mihalik…or what she’s up to…she’s old now.Not a bad gig, being Kate Moss’ sister, it means you don’t have to do shit and people will pay you off…it’s crazy…You may not know who back-up dancer Jenna Dewan is, but you may like her nipples…From getting Ryan Philippe to knock her up a bunch of times when she was young enough to use that as a security measure…to leaving him for his agent….because ti was best for business…that even her kids call her agent husband dad….thanks to Ryan Philippe not bothering with the fat chick he knocked up trying to ruin his life like she ruined his career. She may be all pig faced…and old…and rich as fuck…and fat…But this could be hot to you….despite not being hot to me and for that I celebrate it with you perverts…I guess this is what Christianity looks like…because Hailey Baldwin is some bullshit Christian, something that is hilarious when you look at what she does with herself on a spiritual level, trying to get as famous as she can, to be celebrated and jerked off to as a “model” when really she’s just some avon lady level direct response marketer selling bullshit like some Tammy Faye Baker, who doesn’t realize she’s full of shit…because kids these days, are so fucking entitled and disgusting, sex addicts who can claim to be of the church, so long as it doesn’t get in the way of them spreading their ass for a camera for their social media that they literally don’t do on single positive thing with other than cry for attention.

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Because the media is so lame they talk about the shit like it matters…and it works…

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