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Tokyo, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, London, Dubai, Seoul, Bangkok, Mumbai, Rome, Buenos Aires, Venice, Honolulu, Prague. Once Upon A Time, American Horror Story: Coven, Looking What's your longest relationship? If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? After you create a character you can set about to woo the various elven women in the surrounding area to make them fall in love with your character.Certain game cheats allow you to avoid actually wooing anyone by giving away things like maximum stats with certain characters. I've never been in a relationship long enough for me to cheat.

To be filthy stinking rich, hanging out at my private pool while being fanned by hot guys in speedos Lucky/Favorite Number?

If you could meet anyone on earth, who would it be?

Certain types of seafood like shellfish, mollusks and crustaceans Addiction?

The code to max out the stats for each of these characters are: "Daughter" for Cosette, "Prostitution" for Fantine and "Witch" for Elphaba.

These three elven women are also woo-worthy in “Elf Girl Sim Date.” To max out their stats to 8,000 points each use these cheat codes: "Barricade" for Eponine, "Wicked" for Nessarose and "Popular" for Glinda.

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