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The laws of man are wrong and they offend the law of God if they establish any right of man over woman or of woman over man or man over man…I declare woman is free; she is the architect of love on this earth, and she must be free. How ridiculous for her to adorn her hair and face and form and figure for the mere animal pleasure of man!Shame on society, where she is to find her pleasure in man’s vague sense of himself.If God sends you children, welcome them, serve them, feed them and sustain them with your love as the sun feeds the earth with light…But if the wife goes away and if the children turn away from you, let them; for they are as free as you when you were a new-born babe.The babe had no such things when he came to this world; they were added to it and it can again be as happy without them as once it was…The woman and child of man are free, no slaves.

Through the ups and downs of women’s empowerment in society, the Gurus offer a steadfast and timeless way of honoring women through Sikhi.In fact, no one can be “lower” or “higher.” Instead, Guru Nanak Sahib proclaimed that all have the same spiritual potential and therefore should be granted the same social, spiritual, and economic rights.From then on, each of our Gurus worked for the advancement of women.She toured with Cher during her Living Proof farewell tour and choreographed all of the aerial routines.An American fitness superstar, author and master of motivation, Tony Horton was born as Anthony Sawyer Horton Jr.

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  1. The centuries will burn rich loads With which we groaned, Whose warmth shall lull their dreaming lids, While songs are crooned; But they will not dream of us poor lads, Left in the ground.