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"I wanted to know if I have anything totally lethal or deranged or recessive in my genes that I may have passed along."These were questions that neither the sperm bank nor the government was asking.

Several times Maxey tried to contact IVF Michigan, the bank where he made most of his donations, but it refused to release any information, noting that he signed a waiver to give up his rights to know who used his sperm.

It's a crisp fall day in Northville, Mich., a small suburb of Ann Arbor, and Kirk Maxey, a soft-spoken, graying baby boomer with a classic square jaw, is watching his 12-year-old son chase a soccer ball toward the goal.

Maxey is doing what he does every Saturday, along with hundreds of other family men and women across the country, but he's not your average soccer dad.

Maxey himself made about a donation, but says he was motivated to donate more out of a strong paternal instinct and sense of altruism.

"I loved having kids, and to have these women doomed to wandering around with no family didn't seem right, and it's easy to come up with a semen donation," he says. ' "Maxey, now the CEO of Cayman Chemical, a 300-person global pharmaceutical company, says back then he just "didn't think about it a lot." He didn't have to.

"Each sperm bank determines its own limits," Rothman says."You would get a personal phone call from a nurse saying, 'The situation is urgent! When he began volunteering, he wasn't asked to take any genetic tests and received no psychological screening or counseling.He merely signed a waiver of anonymity, locked himself in a room with a cup and a sexy magazine, and didn't consider the emotional or genetic consequences for another 30 years.Maxey, 51, happens to be one of the most prolific sperm donors in the country.Between 19, he donated at a Michigan clinic twice a week.

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