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"I’d put it this way: I like the building and engineering so much, and if I’m doing something in front of the camera, it takes 5–10 times as long as if I was just making it," he said.

Tory, who began concentrating his focus on model making prior to the end of the hit discovery show “Mythbbusters”, has gained wide spread recognition for his work.I expect Adam may well pursue things in front of the camera, but I’m most likely not. This has been a very rewarding and interesting decade, but its not really what I’m cut out for." Savage also addressed the situation in this video: It's not even like they're able to hide it that well: Savage always comes off as an enthusiastic puppy in front of the camera, happy to be there in front of people doing his thing.Hyneman always seems to barely be able to hide his irritation at the situation; he's the grumpy uncle who is willing to pose for family pictures because there's beer and steak afterwards.He is renowned for his short film “Sand Troper”, which has been the recipient of many awards.He is currently working on two undisclosed short movies, which he aims to screen in the 2016 Sundance and Venice film festivals respectively.

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  3. Just prior to his graduation in 1985, he made a strong impression on a visiting agent from Hollywood's William Morris Agency, and he moved to Los Angeles that summer with major representation already in tow. Despite the film's success, Mulroney remained relatively unknown as he sought to find his place among the industry's hierarchy of young talent.