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If Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t famous she’d be that woman who finds her soulmate in the office where she works.Well, maybe not the office because she didn’t graduate high school.The characters played by the actor and actress in the movie happen to have a romance, but their on-screen relationship hasn’t spilled over into real life.Gossip Cop can confirm that the relationship between the co-stars is nothing but friendly and professional.Then there's action-comedy starring an all-star ensemble comprised of David Oyelowo, Charlize Theron, Sharlto Copley and Thandie Newton. The ensuing conversation makes for a refreshing departure, bolstered by Edgerton's determination to highlight the ridiculousness of junkets and everything that comes with them.

More than any actor I've ever met, he just gives good to everybody. I guess Hugh Jackman is the same because I know him personally and know there’s not a moment he doesn’t listen and tune into who he’s with." was one," he admits.

On Wednesday, The Daily Telegraph claimed ‘rumours are swirling throughout Hollywood’ that the 27-year-old Oscar winner is dating the Australian actor, 43.

The pair have been seen putting on a series of flirty displays in recent weeks as they promote their new film together.

Edgerton ascertains he committed to each of these roles for specific reasons and has no time for those who fail to muster enthusiasm for promoting any film they star in.

"Here's the thing: no matter what's in your head about how tough it is, your life is not tough. If you’re getting paid to be an actor, you're lucky.

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