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After I asked him a few questions, like "How often do you have outbreaks? ", I finally told him that I also had something to "warn" him about; that I have genital herpes. Actually, I think he was just as relieved to hear about my problem as I was to hear about his. He knows he has Type 1, but I’m not sure I have Type 2 herpes.

I didn’t even ask him whether he was okay with dating someone with genital herpes; we immediately had an understanding about it. It’s very possible, given my frequent outbreaks, that I have Type 1 on my genitals. In any event, let’s imagine the possible scenarios.

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However, if he gives me oral sex, he could potentially contract HSV-2 on his mouth, and I could contract HSV-1 on my genitals.

Also, by kissing and having intercourse, we could put each other at risk for swapping herpes viruses.

After a steamy night of making out and resisting the temptation to indulge all of our desires, we spent the next day lounging in the park, basking in the sun, and enjoying our new interest. Until I saw the look in his eyes, sensed his nervousness, and I knew he was about to disclose an STD.

Then, out of nowhere, he pushed back and said, “So I think I should warn you”" and the wheels in my head started spinning"Uh oh, lemme guess"you’re afraid of commitment? "I have oral herpes, so the more you kiss me, the more chances you have of catching it." What a relief I couldn’t have been happier.

In it she makes it clear that if you have one type of herpes, your body creates antibodies that make it harder to get the other type.Safe and good dating platform for the herpes people and It offers a great dating service for people with hsv.Don't miss this chance for meeting these ture hsv singles or couples.Let’s say he has Type 1 oral herpes and I have Type 2 genital herpes.There is no risk involved if I’m performing oral sex on him.

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