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Perhaps she was merely extending an extra dose of kindness to a girl from Mrs Kennedy’s school, but Miss Baldrige had clearly given thought to my visit.

After the interview, she added me to a line-up of children meeting the President that day.

We named them after his family members, made up stories about them, and often set them racing from one end of the tub to other.

It was part of his charm that he was a serious, sophisticated man with extraordinary responsibilities, yet willing to be completely silly.

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This, then, was the girl sitting at her desk when she took a call from Dave Powers, the President’s special assistant.

I’d met him only briefly, but he was asking me to come for a midday swim in the White House pool.

I wasn’t revolted or appalled, but I was certainly confused.

Back in my room, after a shower to wash off the smell of his 4711 cologne, I thought: ‘So that’s sex?

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