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The early Julian calendar, like that of the Roman Republic before it, had an eight-day week.The letters A through H represented the days of the week.One of the greatest frauds in the history of the world was perpetrated almost 1,700 years ago by the actions of two men.The Roman emperor, Constantine, committed a portentous act: he unified his empire by promoting Sunday as the day of Yahushua’s resurrection and outlawed the use of the Biblical calendar for calculating Passover. Jewish leader Hillel II responded to the persecution following this legislation by a modification of the Biblical calendar.Thus, Constantine’s efforts to unite his empire focused on finding a common ground to unite the pagans and western, paganized Christians.He found this in Sunday of the pagan, planetary week.Exalting Sunday was acceptable to pagans and something on which some Christians had already compromised.By the second century, many Christians (particularly in the west) had already come to revere Sunday as the day of the Saviour’s resurrection.

The sun god is next (Sunday), followed by the moon goddess (Monday) on the third day of the the situation Constantine took advantage of for furthering his political agenda.This fact is supported by archeological evidence: the Julian fasti still in existence today show either eight-day weeks or list both eight-day and seven-day weeks on the same calendar. There is evidence indicating that the Roman eight-day week and those two seven-day cycles were used simultaneously for some time.The decline of the eight-day week coincided with the expansion of Rome. However, the coexistence of two weekly rhythms that were entirely out of phase with one another obviously could not be sustained for long. As we all know, it was the eight-day week that soon disappeared from the pages of history forever. As the seven-day planetary week became more popular, the use of the letters (A through G) to designate days was laid aside and the days of the week were named after the planetary gods.The sun, however, was Constantine’s personal symbol.He had (Unconquered Sun) inscribed on his coins and it remained his personal motto all his life.

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On the original planetary week, Saturday had actually been the first day of the week.

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