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Blocking me from trying to give you money is for lack of a better word ‘STUPID’ I want to pay you but you keep taking away my options to do so.

It almost seems you are doing it just so I have to pay you an extra . Reply I recently lost my credit card and the bank immediately cancelled the card and issued a new card.

I call and ask to get documented information on equipment so I can get an appraisal & I’m hung up on. Reply I woke up yesterday with no cable, internet nothing.

I called Suddenlink and they said my auto payment on April 27, 2018 was returned therefore they disconnected my account.

I keep having to pay to have my bill paid because of my disability to be able to not be able to pay online because you have blocked me to do so and I can’t get to the local store.Lines are Checked, 2 new routers, new line ran, issues connection issues. I see you have horrible ratings and corporate can’t speak to us! Cancelled service after years of issues & promises of bill credits (that was never given). Assume they don’t want the equipment since they never came pick up or contact me to reschedule pick up. Call back this week & somehow the number can not be completed as dialed.The day I cancelled service, representative tells me a technician will pick up my equipment the following Monday. A month later I get a bill for 0 for 5yr old equipment not returned. So what is my next step since they have turned this into a credit agency & I’m obviously wanting to dispute??The same technician continues to be sent to our home, puzzled by our issues.Even states to us he can’t figure out what’s going on and will speak with other techs to see if hey have ever seen our issue. No one at customer call centers have the authority to help any further and policies blah blah blah!!!!!

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I would like to escalate my complaint but I’m having trouble reaching anyone there who claims to have authority to grant my request.

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  1. The counselling centre is seeing more people come in because of dating violence. In the most severe case, a teenage girl nearly jumped from a 12-storey building because her boyfriend told her to. But, worryingly, in an informal survey of 2,200 secondary and junior college students done by Pave in 2003, 15 to 30 per cent of teenagers said they had experienced family violence and/or dating violence.