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This growth has largely been due to continuous support received from its many satisfied clients and key role players in the construction industry.Under the directorship of Uwe Gossow and Mark Harding, both qualified quantity surveyors and each with more than 20 years experience in the construction industry, the partnership is well placed to continue the excellent service its clients have come to expect.The only thing we were doing was writing music and also there always the plan to go into the studio and record at the end of 2013.As the scheduled recording time got closer, Angela informed us last year that she would definitely be stepping down from her position in the band.We know that Alissa's successful clean vocal for THE AGONIST and in the future, can we see the same things for ARCH ENEMY?Amott: Yes, that is right, Alissa has many different vocal styles that she can do very well…

Gossow & Harding Construction was established in 2004 and has grown from managing a single project to managing several high profile and specialized construction and renovation projects in a variety of industries including private residential, commercial and industrial.She is much more versatile in that aspect than [former ARCH ENEMY singer] Angela [Gossow].But for ARCH ENEMY, we are sticking with the aggressive vocal style that we are known for.Turk Gitar: What happened in the group when you heard Angela Gossow's decision and when Angela said you she would't continue as a vocal with the group? The biggest downside would be that, as we know very well, it can be hard for fans to accept a new singer in a band that they love.But last year, I was presented with two options, to stop doing ARCH ENEMY completely or find a new singer, a new voice for the band, and continue making the music that is the soundtrack to my life.

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