Gemini men dating gemini women

” Why wouldn’t the two of you want to go off by yourselves and give it a whirl?

Finally you’ve met your match, but so has your Evil Twin, LOL.

She has a high level of tolerance and patience to counter-balance temper.The woman Gemini is not flashy or smitten by expensive items, but is earthy and well-grounded in reality.She would much rather push towards life goals than dream about fantasy lives, money and fancy homes.In a relationship between two Geminis, mind games are perfectly appropriate. These two are on a Ferris wheel ride, gliding high above the fair as he pulls out all the bells, whistles, and bright lights — and every other shiny thing that ever existed — to twirl before her and capture attention. Let’s extend a circus analogy to the bedroom — anything — I mean goes. Somehow they always know the right time to send a message to get the biggest effect.Like the Ferris wheel, there will be some ups and downs, but oh, the view. Why would anyone want to ruin a good time by conjuring up the Evil Twin? This relationship will take shape like a 3-ringed circus act. Half the time, they’ll be thinking, “Omigod, I can’t believe I’m doing this,” while the other half of the time, they’ll be multi-tasking while thinking about something they left on their desk at work. Sex is nothing but mercurial between the Mercury-ruled Twins. Sex will never be boring because if it gets that way, one or the other of them will pull the rabbit out of the hat and they’re off and running again.

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