Friendship after dating a scorpio

This can influence their sex life and make it much better, or much worse, depending on how their need for mystery is expressed.Their communication is very good, for as long as emotions are not the main theme of a conversation.The sign of Scorpio is associated with death and all kinds of bad things, but all of their maliciousness comes from their emotional and sexual repression.

Both of these partners need to learn to lose control, as well as gain it again, in order to be able to let things flow and change in the way they are supposed to.

They can finish each other’s sentences if they have any need to talk in the first place.

The depth they both have, although it might not be visible at first in Cancer partner, makes them able to talk about anything at all.

Their connection needs to be sincere and pure, in order for both of them to be ready to give in to this intense emotional contact.

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If they create their own little world, they can be found in any situation together, dealing with things as one being.

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