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5) Industry (Cybersocket Web Awards, The Prowler Awards, The Grabbys, The Xbiz Awards) award achieved during 2016 to present. The new time frame will be January 1, 2016 to the present day. The next thing will tackle is cleaning up the list and removing the non-working models and make sure your favorites are included: watch this blog! There were models who had stopped working that made the list. [Posted on February 6, 2017] My predecessor here at The Sword spent a lot of time compiling his list. There were others who were much more popular that didn’t make the cut at all. Let’s even the playing field to get current, and more accurate results by establishing new, simple guidelines: For example … Your input is still welcome on that, and especially on who needs to come off the list and equally important, who needs to be added.

Yes, here at The Sword: the popular vote is not just an inconvenient truth.

Such websites usually offer different kind of services for different users.

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Remember, we’re going for models active in 2016 up to now The graphic below has the originals 50 models. And there are many to take their place: Jack Harrer, Calvin Banks, JJ Knight, Woody Fox, Bruce Beckham, Alex Mecum, Markie More, and Gabriel Cross come to mind, for example. [UPDATED CRITERIA] There were some good ideas and a general consensus about quite a few things.

Our work-in-progress protocol so far: 1) Social media: A point if they use it, no points if they don’t – that way no one is penalized is their studio prevents them, someone reported them and their account was terminated etc.

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