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By 1957, the procedure was changed so the pace car led the field for two warm up laps.This allowed extra time to warm up the engines, oil temperatures, and tires, and allowed the drivers the chance to survey the conditions of the entire track at least once before receiving the green flag.In addition, during yellow flag caution periods, the pace car enters the track and picks up the leader, bunching the field up at a reduced speed.Prior to the first "500" in 1911, in the interest of safety, Indianapolis Motor Speedway founder Carl G.The Indianapolis 500 auto race has used a pace car every year since 1911. At the start of the race, the pace car leads the assembled starting grid around the track for a predetermined number of unscored warm-up laps.Then if the officials deem appropriate, it releases the field at a purposeful speed to start the race.Will the disgraced mogul actually stand trial for rape?

Most manufacturers used the opportunity to showcase their higher end or luxury models.

The field would use the lap to warm up their engines, tires, and then at the conclusion of the lap, at a prescribed speed, the pace car would pull off the track and allow for a rolling or "flying" start.

Fisher himself drove the pace car in several early years, but it eventually became an honorary position, with invitations extended to former winners, notable figures in auto racing or the automobile industry.

The invited driver was given the honor of "pacemaker," and manufacturers used the honor of providing the car as marketing exposure.

During his tenure as Speedway president, Tony Hulman rode in the pace car nearly every year, immediately after giving the command to start engines.

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In 1977, the format was changed to three warm up laps - two "parade laps" and one "pace lap".

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