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There are 29 naturally occurring chemical elements on Earth that are radioactive.

They are those that contain 34 radionuclides that date before the time of formation of the solar system, and are known as primordial nuclides.

It soon became clear that the blackening of the plate had nothing to do with phosphorescence, as the blackening was also produced by non-phosphorescent salts of uranium and metallic uranium.

It became clear from these experiments that there was a form of invisible radiation that could pass through paper and was causing the plate to react as if exposed to light.

All results were negative until he used uranium salts.Rutherford was the first to realize that all such elements decay in accordance with the same mathematical exponential formula.Rutherford and his student Frederick Soddy were the first to realize that many decay processes resulted in the transmutation of one element to another. Certain highly excited short-lived nuclear states can decay through neutron emission, or more rarely, proton emission. random) process at the level of single atoms, in that, according to quantum theory, it is impossible to predict when a particular atom will decay, regardless of how long the atom has existed. A material containing such unstable nuclei is considered radioactive.

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The first decay processes to be discovered were alpha decay, beta decay, and gamma decay.

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