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This despite having starred in three very successful, four-star films: Part of the explanation lies in the fact that her career was very brief, less than twenty films. Her dark hair and eyes made her look sneaky, always secretly up to something, and she usually was!

While stuffed in an army uniform most of the film, one of Duprez's lesser known gems is the fine B-movie, . In the 1992 espionage thriller feature Marshall's smoldering, sexy don't-even-think-about-trusting-me personality.

""That's part of it," Moody agreed."Can I also get a new eye like yours?

Out of the shadows came a heavily scarred man with a horrible grin, using several well practiced wand movements he modified their memories, "you dropped the boy off, you don't think Figg will be needed, and if you ever need someone to check on the boy then you'll call your old pal Moody.""I just couldn't let him leave you here lad" he wrapped a scarred hand around the sleeping child's basket and gave a rather frightening smile, "you'd never reach your potential living here, but I promise you boy that with me teaching you you'll be great."Baby Harry didn't awake at the sound of his new guardian's voice and the world changed."Constant Vigilance" Moody yelled at the two unconscious Professors before absconding into the night with the sleeping form of the boy-who-lived. " Moody's voice was dangerously calm."Because you taught me to go for the soft tissue" Harry replied quietly, "and I figured that you would be wearing groin protection of some kind.""Decided to use my 'Constant Vigilance' against me eh?She is also said to have had pronounced feminist views, dating back to her high school days when she organized a girls football team that was banned by the school's principal on the grounds it was "unladylike." If the comedy/mystery Having a Wonderful Crime would have been an overall better movie ("Sometimes she doesn't make sense, but that's only when she's talking"), Landis' eye-popping swimsuit scene probably would be one of the most memorable shots of the decade.The other important reason Landis should be remembered is for Four Jills in a Jeep, her book and film about her extensive USO travels during the War.Here we remember ten that if nothing else deserve to be remembered. In the noir classic, I Wake Up Screaming, Landis "plain" sister is played by... Imagine outshining "the woman who won World War II".More Femme Fatale shots can be seen at Classic Film Star Photos. But Landis did it via a combination of confident personality and a face and body that would cost a fortune to buy today.

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