Ddating the trees at jamestown virginia

He sailed for Virginia in June with a fleet of nine ships and hundreds of new colonists.

With growing discontent over his leadership, Ratcliffe left office; whether he resigned or was overthrown is unclear. To impose discipline on malingering colonists, Smith announced a new rule: “He that will not worke shall not eate (except by sicknesse he be disabled).” Even so, the colony continued to depend on trade with the Indians for much of its food supply.

The tribes under his rule stopped bartering for food and carried out attacks on English parties that came in search of trade.

Hunting became highly dangerous, as the Powhatan Indians also killed Englishmen they found outside the fort.

Shortly after Newport returned in early January 1608, bringing new colonists and supplies, one of the new colonists accidentally started a fire that leveled all of the colony’s living quarters.

The fire further deepened the colony’s dependence on the Indians for food.

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With the support of most of the colony’s leadership, the colonists embarked on a lengthy effort to dig around the riverbanks of the area.

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